Imagine Making A Desperate Call For Help...

You need a safe place to stay because things have gotten out of control at home…
It takes all the courage you have to make that call, but the support worker just told you that they don’t have room. They really wanted to help but couldn’t give you a place to stay for the night. You have to try again the next day.

Unfortunately, the Lloydminster Interval Home has seen a drastic spike in the number of distress calls from women who need a safe place to stay for themselves and their children. In 2018 we were unable to accommodate 1819 women and children because we simply didn’t have room.
These women were often left in an unsafe situation with great uncertainty and their lives in danger. We can’t allow this to happen any longer. Your help is needed to increase our existing shelter space to welcome more women and children who need our help today.

You can help us to answer their calls for help and a safe place to stay with, “Yes, we have room, you will be safe here.” Your gift will help expand our existing shelter with 12 more beds, creating a safe space for more women and children. They depend on it. You can help.

Thank you for helping us to ‘Bridge the Gap’
– Because HOPE needs a space to GROW.

Help create more space for women and children impacted by family violence and homelessness:

Bridging the Gap

Because HOPE Needs A Space to GROW!

Help Bridge the Gap

We can’t allow this to happen any longer. We need your help to increase our shelter space to welcome more women and children who need our help today.
Our goal is to one day have a new shelter – but for now we need to increase our current shelter of 21 beds to 33 beds.

Brick By Brick You can help us add 12 more beds to the Emergency Shelter!

Your gift will make a difference!
Be a part of our Brick Campaign and be recognized on our donor wall.

Fact: Lloydminster Interval Home turns away 5 people every day.

In 2018 907 children and 912 women were turned away from the Lloydminster Interval Home due to lack of accommodations.

Jane's Story...

My Children and I were unsafe to live where we were staying at the time. My ex had learned where we lived now and I knew he would find a way to get access to the building. I was scared and needed to get out of the apartment building. I tried to get into the Interval Home first, but they were full. We were able to get to a bigger city where I hoped they would have room for the kids and I, but after trying for 2 weeks there I was still unable to get into a shelter.
I felt defeated, sad, scared for myself and my kids; it was hard. I wish I could just go home to my house, but it just isn’t’ safe to be there. I tried not to show my emotion, but that Friday morning I broke down, laying with my little kids, who lay sleeping and content. Finally, after 3 weeks of staying on couches in homes of family members I made another attempt to get in to the Interval Home. It had been my 3rd call, and they now had room. I was so relieved. We would now have support to find a safe place to stay again.