Community Outreach Services

Family Violence Outreach Workers work directly with women experiencing family violence in need of emotional and practical support.

You can receive support in person or over the phone.

Outreach Services offers individual and emotional support, referral services, advocacy or services to assist women who have chosen to pursue a safer, healthier and more secure lifestyle for themselves and their children. Individuals and families accessing Outreach Services are accepted from referral sources including the Interval Home, Dol-Mar Manor (Second Stage), the general community or from community agencies.

Outreach Services may include in-person support or telephone support. The Outreach personnel will assist individuals and families to identify and link with the resources necessary to realize their goals and move toward a healthier lifestyle. Outreach Services empowers individuals and families to recognize that they are not alone and help is available. Outreach Services are confidential and free of charge.

To contact our Community Family Violence Outreach Workers, please call (780) 808-5282.