Dol-Mar Manor

Dol-Mar Manor is a Second Stage Housing Shelter/Transitional Housing facility, the next step for women and children, or women leaving an emergency shelter. Dol-Mar Manor provides longer term support, programming and security in modestly furnished, independent apartments. Dol-Mar Manor offers one-on-one support for families, providing practical assistance with parenting, life skills, budgeting, nutritional meal planning, etc.

We are proud to offer a family-focused range of services and supports to mothers, children and youth! Programs include: Life Skills, Parenting, and Child’s Play. All of the services available at Dol-Mar Manor are in an effort to assist women to gain the tools necessary to live a life outside the web of Family Violence.


Dol-Mar Manor opened in 2001. At that time, we had one staff member and one resident. Over the years, we have evolved to meet the needs of our clients. Some of these changes have included an on-call phone and increasing staff to provide support on evenings and weekends. We now have up to five families residing with us, five full-time staff and increased support from our Child Support Team as well.

In the early years, families could stay with us for 3 months. We soon realized that 3 months was not enough time. Thus, the stay length was expanded to 6-12 months, and is truly dependent on the needs of the woman and/or her children.


The suites at Dol-Mar Manor are furnished mostly with items that were generously donated to ‘For The Interval’ Store.