What is an Escape Plan?

An escape plan focuses on the things you can do in advance to be better prepared in case you have to leave an abusive situation very quickly.

Here are some suggestions for your escape plan:

  • Decide where you are going to go; somewhere safe and secure where you can decide what your next steps are.
  • Talk to your children. They need to know which neighbour to run to in case of an emergency. If they are old enough, teach them to call 911 and what to say if they are trapped in the house.
  • If you decide to leave, take your children with you. It is not considered kidnapping; both parents have equal rights to their children, unless there is a court order. If you try to get them later, the police cannot help you remove them from their other parent unless you have a valid court order.
  • Speak to people you trust. Let them know what is going on in case you need their help.
  • Figure out a way to get to your emergency safe place (i.e. friend, neighbour, taxi, etc.)
  • Call a Shelter or Transition House and talk to the staff. You do not have to stay in a shelter to get help from one.
  • Find someone to care for your pets. The Lloydminster Interval Home partners with the SPCA to house your pets if you decide to leave your home.

You are not alone.

What to put in an Emergency Bag?

  • Clothes for you and your children for a few days.
  • Medications if required.
  • Money, bank books, credit cards.
  • Driver’s license, car registration, and insurance.
  • Identification and important papers (marriage certificate, birth certificates, school records, Social Insurance Numbers).
  • Health Cards for you and your children.
  • First Nations status cards, treaty numbers.
  • Immigration/citizenship papers, passports.
  • Medical records, police records, your journal, and other evidence of violence.
  • Copies of your lease, mortgage, or other deeds.
  • Your address/phone book
  • Your children’s favourite toys and books.
  • Things that give you comfort – favourite possessions and photos.

Call our crisis line (780-875-0966) to get more information on escape plans.

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