Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Shelter

Q. What is the admission criteria?

A. Please call the shelter directly at 780-808-5282 or text 780-808-1777 to speak with a Crisis Intervention Worker. She will ask for specific information related to admission criteria. You can call collect if needed.

Q. How do I get there?

A. Please call the shelter directly at 780-808-5282 or text 780-808-1777 to speak with a Crisis Intervention Worker. She can help you make arrangements to come to the shelter.

Q. How long can I stay?

A. You can stay for up to 21 days in the shelter. We can make exceptions under special circumstances.

Q. How much does it cost to stay at the shelter?

A. Your stay is free of charge.

Q. Can my children stay with me?

A. Yes, bring your children. We have a child support team and family wellness workers who are here to support you all during your stay.

We will ensure that school aged children will have their educational needs met.

Q. What do I do about custody access?

A. We do not offer legal advice, but our Crisis Intervention Workers and Case Plan Facilitators will help you to find the correct information and resources for you to work on custody and access issues while you are in the shelter.

Q. What about my pets?

A. If you have pets you want to take with you, let the Crisis Interventionist know when you call for admission. We can make arrangements to accommodate the pets while you stay here.

Q. Will my abuser be able to find me?

A. We have many safety measures in place, inside and outside the shelter and will work with you to help keep you comfortable and safe. Unless you leave the building, we will do everything we can to keep you safe.

Q. How can I get to my appointments if I am at the shelter?

A. Our Crisis Intervention Workers will help you with your transportation needs.

Q. Can anyone contact me while I am staying at the shelter?

A. We take your confidentiality and safety very seriously. Your stay with us will be completely confidential. If someone tries to contact you we will post messages for you so you can respond.

Q. Where do I go when my shelter stay is over?

A. Our Case Plan Facilitators will assist you with your housing needs while you are in the shelter.

Transitional Housing – Dol-Mar Manor

Q. What is Dol-Mar Manor?

A. Dol-Mar Manor is a Second Stage Shelter Program.  This transitional housing division of the Interval Home has 5 fully furnished, independent suites for women and children to reside and receive safety, support and education for up to 1 year.  Staff are on-site Monday through Saturday during the day.

Q. Who can stay at Dol-Mar Manor?

A.  Referrals can be received from the Emergency Shelter, Family Violence Outreach Program or other community agencies in special circumstances.

Q. How long can I stay at Dol-Mar Manor?

A. You are welcome to stay at Dol-Mar Monor for up to a year. There are some circumstances that may change this timeline based on your needs.

Q. Do I have to pay rent?

A.  Damage deposit and monthly rent amounts are based on a combination of factors such as family size and funding amounts received for core shelter.

Q.  What are the benefits of a stay at Dol-Mar Manor?

A.  Women are given the opportunity to grow personally in a safe, supportive environment and learn skills needed to maintain an independent life with healthy relationships.

Volunteer Info

Q. How can I become a volunteer?

A. The first step is to complete the volunteer application form. After it is completed and sent in you will have a brief interview with the Volunteer Coordinator. You must be 15 to volunteer with the Lloydminster Interval Home Society.

Q. What sort of things can I do as a volunteer?

A. There are many opportunities to volunteer with us. Most of our volunteers provide help at the ‘For the Interval’ Store, others help in different areas of our organization including the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre. For more information about how you can volunteer with us, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 780-808-5282 or email:

‘For the Interval’ Store

Q. What are the store shopping hours?

A. Shop with us Monday – Saturday 10 am – 4 pm.

Cash and debit accepted.

All proceeds benefit women, children, youth and community members experiencing family violence or other life crisis.

Q. When and what can I donate?

A. Donations are accepted at the back of the building 7 days/week 10 am – 4 pm.

We gladly accept clothing, household items – kitchen items, bedding, draperies, decor, small appliances, books, sporting equipment, giftware, and so much more!

Unfortunately, we can’t accept large appliances, cribs, helmets and car seats due to regulations.

Will my donation make a difference?


Every donation that is made to the ‘For the Interval’ Store is first sorted to be shared with women, children and youth to meet the needs they have when they are being supported through our shelter programs. Because of the donations made to the store we can put together outfits, toys, apartment start up kits, and so much more to meet the needs of the people we support. This goes such a long way to make their new beginning a little easier.

The income from the store supports the programs and support services provided through all areas of the organization.

All in kind donations directly benefit the people we support in various ways all year long.

Monetary donations help to supplement the costs of running the organization through out the year.

Your donations better the lives of those we support every day.

Today your donation made a difference, thank you!