What is it?

Any action or inaction by someone in a relationship of trust that results in harm or distress to an older person.

Types of Elder Abuse:

  • Physical: Hitting, pushing, kicking, restraining, forced confinement, rough handling, or any other aggressive physical contact
  • Emotional/Psychological – insults, intimidation, humiliation, isolationa and controlling behaviour
  • Sexual – sexual contact without consent, inappropriate comments and suggestive behaviour
  • Financial- coercion to sign over assets or to influence who money/assets will be left to, tricking or persuasion to handing over money and or possessions, withholding money or controlling how its spent, and misusing power of attorney
  • Neglect – failure to ensre any basic needs are being met, including access to food, water, clothing, shelter, pesonal care and medical attention
  • Medication – over or under medicating or withholding mediation

Risk Factors in Seniors

  • Addiction
  • Poor physical and or mental health
  • Financial dependence
  • Social isolation
  • Dementia

Risk Factors in Caregivers

  • Addiction
  • Poor mental health
  • Assuming caregiving at an early age
  • Resent due to past issues within the family
  • Financial dependence (on the senior)
  • Difficulties coping with stress
  • lack of external support
  • Inadequate training

What can be done?

  • Report Abuse – Reporting Elder abuse can save lives. If you believe elder abuse is occurring, contact the Crisis Hotline:
  • Call 780-875-0966 / Text 780-808-1777
  • Reduce Isolation
  • By staying active in the community and maintaining social ties, seniors are less likely to experience elder abuse
  • Spread Awareness
  • Talking about elder abuse and spreading awareness increases the likelihood of elder abuse being identified and reported

Elder Abuse Prevention Tips For Seniors:

  • Stay in touch with friends, neighbours, community workers, church officials and medical practitioners
  • Seek independent advice when making changes to finances or living arrangements
  • Keep important (friends, family, police) close at hand


Shine A Light On Elder Abuse