What is it?

Any action or inaction by someone in a relationship of trust that results in harm or distress to an older person.

Types of Elder Abuse:

  • Physical: Hitting, pushing, kicking, restraining, forced confinement, rough handling, or any other aggressive physical contact
  • Emotional/Psychological – insults, intimidation, humiliation, isolationa and controlling behaviour
  • Sexual – sexual contact without consent, inappropriate comments and suggestive behaviour
  • Financial- coercion to sign over assets or to influence who money/assets will be left to, tricking or persuasion to handing over money and or possessions, withholding money or controlling how its spent, and misusing power of attorney
  • Neglect – failure to ensre any basic needs are being met, including access to food, water, clothing, shelter, pesonal care and medical attention
  • Medication – over or under medicating or withholding mediation

Risk Factors in Seniors

  • Addiction
  • Poor physical and or mental health
  • Financial dependence
  • Social isolation
  • Dementia


Risk Factors in Caregivers

  • Addiction
  • Poor mental health
  • Assuming caregiving at an early age
  • Resent due to past issues within the family
  • Financial dependence (on the senior)
  • Difficulties coping with stress
  • lack of external support
  • Inadequate training

What can be done?

Report Abuse – Reporting Elder abuse can save lives. If you believe elder abuse is occurring, contact the Crisis Hotline:

Call 780-875-0966 Text 780-808-1777

Reduce Isolation

By staying active in the community and maintaining social ties, seniors are less likely to experience elder abuse

Spread Awareness

Talking about elder abuse and spreading awareness increases the likelihood of elder abuse being identified and reported

Elder Abuse Prevention Tips For Seniors:

  • Stay in touch with friends, neighbours, community workers, church officials and medical practitioners
  • Seek independent advice when making changes to finances or living arrangements
  • Keep important (friends, family, police) close at hand


Shine A Light On Elder Abuse