Share Your Story

Your story matters and will help shine a light on family violence. If you wish to share your story, it will be sent to an LIHS staff member who will use this story in a non-identifying way, through our publications including newsletters, website, and social media. There are no rules or requirements for your submission. This is an opportunity for you to share your healing journey of overcoming family violence and abuse and whether you share all of it or a part of it is completely up to you.

Sharing your story is a wonderful way for you to reflect on your journey and celebrate all your successes. Your story may also be the glimpse of hope someone has been waiting for. You never know who you may inspire, encourage, or who’s life you might change.

We are proud of your courage and hope you are too!

*We will always honour your right to privacy. We will never identify you nor will we publish any identifying details.

We are always here if you need support. Please call: 780-875-0966 or text: 780-808-1777.

Thank You For Giving Hope a Space to Grow!